Friday, July 28, 2006

Training: Dispensing the Useless Pill

I posted about David Maister earlier this week and he has a great followup in his blog because of the feedback he recieved about his article Why (Most) Training is Useless. His post Are You Dispencing Useless Pills? addresses much of the training professional's current frustrations. If you are in a corporation you dispense the pills because internal customers are your only customers, and if you are an independent consultant you need to keep food on the table.
David asks the ultimate question(s)...
"But how cynical can we allow ourselves to get? How much are we continuing to participate in things that we (ourselves) believe have no impact, that (in our own estimation) contribute no value and accomplish little?"
David even talks about "serving" the customer in his own podcasts. But he is also very clear that you only do what the customer wants AFTER effectively addressing the pros and cons of their choice vs. your alternative solutions. At the end of the day its all about the relationship you have with your customers anyway: if they trust you, they let you lead; if they don't, they tell you what they want. You must earn that trust, and that takes time and hard work.
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