Monday, August 21, 2006

Why SecondLife is the best corporate training development tool

Ya know how you see something that just blows your mind, and you instantly have great ideas for what you could do with it. Well, I've been blown away by SecondLife for well over a year and instantly knew that this was the next big corporate training tool. So I was beyond excited to work see Mark Oehlert's work while at the Masie Center on an island (virtual island that is) called LearnLand. This was a fabulous experiment and took us closer to seeing what was possible.
Now they have improved the tools and increased support for the growing Machinima creators and the work is outstanding.
They, the second life folks, held a session recently on exactly that. So far it looks like the most active actual DOER amongst us training professionals is John Hartman aka Thought Plasma inwold. His blog under the same name is at In the blogosphere, when are Scobleized, you've done something right.

Some amazingly creative people are using SecondLife in amazing ways. Starwood Previews New Hotel Brand in Second Life. Or how about the New Media Center's SecondLife campus. Check out the SecondLife Creativity blog for more 2L goodness.

I can only answer the question in the title of this blog post with the following quote:
"Nobody can tell you what the Matrix is, you have to experience it for yourself." ~ Morpheus, The Matrix

UPDATE: Don't forget about the awesome wiki resource for Educators and Training Specialists.
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