Wednesday, September 20, 2006

3 cheers for Donald Clark

No, really!  THIS POST is so fabulous that I'm cheering out loud.   This is similar to other calls for research questioning.   Mark Oehlert had a great post a while back that I failed to reply to.  It had to do with Learning pros sharpening their skills by questioning the very old theorys that we seem to blindly follow.
So, the bullets are starting to fly folks.  If this bothers you and you start to feel unsettled about your career then GOOD!  I can't think of any of the academic learning theory from my masters degree that actually applies to my 10+ years as a Learning Professional.  So let's have at it!  What other theories do we claim, but don't actually use?


Harold Jarche said...

I see that he's already trashed Bloom's Taxonomy, so I'll have to think on this one.

I would recommend that anyone interested in learning take a look at at the last decade's worth of brain-based learning research. This blog is a good start:

Anonymous said...

Oh its OK, Donald's trashing all the so-called sacred learning cows! Also like the poke at the industry's obsession with Kirkpatrick.