Thursday, September 14, 2006

Rapid eLearning: ISD's last ditch effort to stay in control

Tony Karrer sums up his thoughts on Rapid eLearning  - More Definition.   He points to Kineo's Rapid e-Learning Briefing.

Both post have the following list of seven key elements to rapid e-learning...
  • Can be developed in 21 days or less
  • Doesn't require specialist knowledge and skills or 3rd party support
  • Can use SMEs to author directly
  • Requires a low level of investment to create it
  • May have only a short shelf-life
  • May involve an element of virtual classroom delivery or be completely standalone
  • Will be short
Here's my similar list of the coming Learning2.0 reality...
  • Can be developed in 21 MINUTES (dare I say seconds?) or less
  • Tools are transparent and part of the workspace
  • Everyone's a SME:  no special person identified, everyone's an expert
  • NO learning org investment:  the IT department has already implemented the tools
  • The virtual classroom replaced by quick, as needed, human connections and conversations
  • Will range in length from blink to how ever long it takes to get the job done.
Rapid e-Learning is a comfortable evolutionary step towards the inevitable demise of specialized learning content creation tools.  The vendors MUST come up with something to sell you, right?  Users armed with mobile media creation devices will begin to create their own content.  Why?  Because their experiences are worth sharing, and are more important and valuable than the limited experience of ONE identified SME. 

Apple didn't set out to create a Learning device...but that's what your iPod is.  Palm did not set out to create a Learning device...but that's exactly what your Treo is.  I don't think it was a learning vendor that created YouTube, wikis, or blogs either.

How we RIP, MIX, and FEED the chaotic overwhelming amounts of content is what interests me.  And it's not solved with more tools from the vendors.  I know the answer lies somewhere in XML, RSS, OPML, and TAGGING, but I just haven't quite nailed it down just yet.  I'll let you know when I figure it out.

Special Note:  I will purchase and use rapid e-learning tools because the end result is what the customers want at this point.  And I will continue too until the customers start to ask, "why do I need you, Brent, when my people are creating, organizing, and publishing some cool stuff that's working just fine?"  Ooops!
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