Wednesday, October 04, 2006

FOR SALE: Learning2.0 system - NUVVO

The founders of Nuvvo have called it quits.  See details here.
Techcrunch talks more about it here
On a personal note, I believe very strongly in what all of the Web2.0 Learning companies are trying to do.  However, everything about "the new web" is about Learning.  And while I applaud every effort in this space I'm not sure how to monetize the learning function in the commercial market.  I don't have any idea. 

Google is held up as the single greatest learning tool that ever existed (here).  Wikipedia is a wealth of knowledge...good, and accurate knowledge despite what the reports say.  Open Source wikis and blogs are becoming internal goldmines of information...especially since they are on servers in a format that internal search systems can crawl and index. 

Of course, I'm speaking from experience inside a giant corporation, and many of the web2.0 learning apps are focused on supporting small and medium sized companies.  So perhaps there is a market, and perhaps there is a business model that works.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the guys that are still out there fighting the good fight.
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