Thursday, December 07, 2006

Podcasting with iChat and GarageBand

Using Garageband and iChat for podcasting

Podcasting in Education

I know there are many of you wondering how to get started with simple podcasting. Of course this only works with Mac, but hey, weren't you looking for a reason to spend your departments budget before the end of the year ;-) Buy a Mac TODAY! You will not regret it. Even if you are a PC only Fortune500 you can still be way MORE productive with a Mac than any Windows PC. If for no other reason than, if you need Windows you can run it on your Mac.

But I digress...

The media capabilities built into OSX are so easy, integrated, and fun that you just can't help but create digital media. As we move towards user-generated content and faster media production you will find that Macs simply do it better, faster, cheaper.

Check out how, via the link above, you can simply set up an iChat and record it with Garageband. GarageBand automatically separates each chat participant into their own channels. So cool! Great for post production.

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