Monday, January 08, 2007

MOGOPOP iPod Mobile eLearning

I just discovered MOGOPOP via Mark Oehlert at e-Clippings . Very cool! I've been talking with several people over the last few months about Podcasting, iPods, Treos, Web2.0, etc. and MOGOPOP is the first that I've seen to truly GET the whole picture least for the iPod format. Many companies and training organizations are trying to figure out how to best utilize the iPod format for training and while its not technically difficult to create a simple audio podcast, most people don't realize that the iPod can to so much more. There are text, images, audio, and video to consider. The iPod can do it all.
Of course the million dollar question is, "Do I have to host it at MOGOPOP, or can I publish the content to my own secure corporate server?".
Thanks, Mark!


Mike Yared said...

It also looks like you have to download an app, the MOGOPOP Manager in order to download the podcasts.

This could be frowned upon in alot of organizations.

Lee said...

I don't like that you have to download the app manager and it is very beta. But I LOVE the concept.

Brent Schlenker said...

I would agree that another app to download is a pain and could be troublesome for IT organizations. However, I agree with Lee, the concept is wonderful and IMHO utilizes the many capabilities of the iPod more so than any other web service or product.
I think the nut to crack is making something like this that is opensource, or at least has an open API for customization.