Saturday, January 20, 2007

January BIG QUESTION...a little late

The January Big Question is Quality vs. Speed.

Sometimes its best to come to the party late because then I can simply take the easy road and say check out what so and so said...I believe THAT!

Well...okay...go to the link above and scroll down to the bottom where you can see all of the GREAT responses. Truly, in our current world of elearning everyone is right. Or at least right about the part of the question that is part of their reality.

The part that truly concerns me is that it's all I, I, I, I, I, and me, me, me, me, me, and we, we, we, we, get the idea. What about THEM! What about the learners that are out there creating AWESOME learning content and making us ALL look as old as the theories we cling too.

When I have a learning need (aka. have a question) and I IM a friend who IMs an answer that solves my problem, or satifies my need, then I have had a RAPID, HIGH QUALITY learning moment. No instructional designers required. So that's the small stuff.

What about the big stuff like, "I want to be a fireman." I don't want to sit in 136 required hours of training with my butt in a seat watching some "trainer" read the slides created by some Instructional Designer. NO! I want to BE A FIREMAN! NOW!

I can tell you are all either clicking delete, or firing up the comments to flame me. "Oh, Brent! Get real! You can't just BE a fireman just like that". Go ahead...say it...I know you want too! (The answer is that you can...TODAY. You may not be a good one at first but you LEARN as you go.)

My basic point: It's an old question trying to answer old problems applying new tools to old systems. Nobody cares how long it took someone to make speed simply doesn't matter any more: I, me, we, care...THEY don't. Quality doesn't matter because...well...YouTube, Podcasting, Wikipedia, etc...need I say more?

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