Monday, January 29, 2007

Vista cries uncle! Crashing demo site & Crashed voice recognition Presentation

I just scanned the e-clippings and I'm howling at this post.

You still just THINKING about buying a Mac? gets SO much better...

Check out this Microsoft Demo of voice recognition...via YouTube.

Go ahead and head on over to your nearest Mac Store and start doing some cool stuff.


Anonymous said...

That's only half of the story. The software from Microsoft performs quite well. Check out the other videos at YouTube:

Brent Schlenker said...

Okay. So that was using something called eSpeaking. Its not clear if that's part of Vista, a plugin, or thirdparty app.
I'm sure Vista has some great stuff that's going to make giant corporations very happy too write the check for the massive upgrade. It just doesn't matter to me anymore because I can do everything Vista can, and more, on my iMac.
When voice recognition is ready for primetime, I'm convinced Apple will do it right...I can wait.
Thanks for the links though. I did like the combined physical and voice input used in the flight sim game.
Thanks for your input!