Sunday, February 04, 2007

Learning your limits...50degree water for 60mins

This weekend is busy with tons of sports and activities for the Schlenker family. So, I'll start in order starting with Saturday morning.

My wife and 9 year old daughter are training with 50 other kids (and adults) to swim from Alcatraz to SanFrancisco. Saturday morning was their second "cold water" training swim. The training goal: swim for 60mins in Bartlett Lake.

It's amazing to see the fire and determination in the hearts and minds of all participants reduced to shivering, and tears of uncertainty in much less than 60mins. However, they all keep swimming and push their bodies forward as best they can. I know my daughter is thinking of Dora from Finding Nemo..."just keep swimming. just keep swimming. just keep swimming".

Have you pushed yourself today? What are your limits? What do we learn from pushing beyond what is comfortable?
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