Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Web2.0 explained - images and music only - BEAUTIFUL

elearnspace points to this wonderful video. 5 mins that will, once and for all, help you understand what's going on with the web.

If you are into this stuff new web stuff already, then watch this video for the amazing storytelling quality sans voiceover. That's right an amazingly complete overview of a very complex technical topic all done without narration.

You can read O'reilly's Take on Web2.0 or you can be mesmerized by this video.

Is there anything in our ISD books about how to do this? Or that we even should? THIS is new media, and WE (ISDers) don't do it well. Others do...we don't! Have ya seen the tutorials on instructables lately? Not an ISDer in the bunch but THEY are creating tutorials...damn good ones...and people are learning! (Great tutorials using ComicLife here, here, here)

How many of you could walk into your boss/client/manager and say, "I'd to teach a basic overview of web technologies just using video and talking...just camera shots of me writing, and video of my computer screen...I think its going to be really neato". Creativity is not a team sport. The reason why Web2.0 is working is because nobody needs to explain their new ideas. They simply create it and put it out there, and see if it sticks. If it sticks...Yahoo buys you for 10 million.
This is also how creative innovation works. You simply do it and then show people. One guy/gal does it alone...or at best a small group of dedicated friends just get together and say, "wouldn't it be cool if...".

Truly innovative ideas normally are very difficult to "sell"...many times even describe, adequately, with words. Explaining how you will improve something slightly is easy. Explaining why that something should be destroyed and something completely new and different created in its place is very difficult. Or try explaining something that isn't even a category yet, and it doesn't fit ANY do you do that? Walt Disney did it...but few others have.

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