Friday, March 16, 2007

Nursing Students in the Learning Blogosphere

I discovered this post via Google Alerts that I have set up for "learning design".

(If you don't use Google should. Basically setup a term or phrase and everytime anyone on the internet posts something with that word or term then you get an email "alert". )

Shelly is a Graduate student at the University of Oklahoma and in her words...
"I am obtaining my masters in Nursing Education and taking a web-based instruction class online as an elective. A requirement of the class is to set up a blog account and keep a biweekly reflection jounal to discuss the week's readings and record additional reflections related to online communities and online learning, instruction and design."
This is cool for a couple reasons...
1) There are courses out there that are actually encouraging grad students to blog...very cool!
2) I'm working in Nursing education creating learning environments for nurses working at Hospice of the Valley. So, its great to read about nurses discussing EdTech and ISD issues in the context of their work.

Shelley's post starts by asking this question:
"What is the role of learning theories and instructional designing principles? And what is the role of technology in online learning? What are the interrelationships of learning theories, instructional design and technology?"
Hey! That sounds like one of the BIG QUESTIONS! at Learning Circuits

I would encourage the many learning professionals that read my blog to check out the blogs from Shelley's class, and comment. Encourage them. As experienced learning professionals, what thoughts can we offer them as they experience the blogosphere during their graduate experience?

I'm certain their thoughts and reflections on the current state of elearning and instructional design will be quite enlightening. They were for me.

Nice job UofO Nursing school!!!

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