Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Rolling Your Own Learning Ecosystem

Okay, so I stole the idea from the readwriteweb post Rolling Your Own Online Office.
What a great post! But what struck me was that we are all talking about the same things. More people are working virtually so what ever they use to work will most likely be helpful in learning...right?

The post hits on the following items:
Project management - Basecamp is a great tool.
email - you should have one of these, right?
online forums - he has a great list of opensource engines that are easy to install
wikis - same as online forums
chat - skype, googleTalk, and others,
document sharing - google docs
Flowcharting - Thinkature
Files (sending big ones) - Yousendit, Senduit, etc. (I've made MANY people happy just introducing them to Yousendit.)

Sure, these may not be what you will use to deliver training. But if you work on a training development team then ALL of these tools will be handy for you and your team. AND, some of these actually CAN be used to deliver training. So, get out there and start using the tools that your learners will be using.
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