Friday, August 17, 2007

Blogging - Thoughts on copying entire posts

I'm constantly trying to figure out ways to make blogging faster for me. I see so much stuff that I want to share with the eLearning community that its hard to get all my thoughts into blog posts about it all.

I tried the email option from Google Reader which seemed like a great idea at first. I can scan the world and instantly post to my blog all from one spot. PERFECT! That's what I want to do. But then again...not so perfect.

The Google Reader adds a bunch of stuff to the email and that shows up in my post. Not so good. However, I'm all about the information getting to you...even if it looks a little sloppy.

My biggest problem is in my gut telling me that it just isn't cool to put another persons ENTIRE blog post into my blog post. Sure the Reader email feature adds the link back and all that stuff, but still...ya know? Very uncomfortable with it!

So, in a pinch under certain circumstances I will post via the gReader email feature. But I'm going to try and avoid it.

What do you think?
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