Monday, October 01, 2007

Adobe, Adobe, Adobe, - 3 big web moves

Not sure what this means for elearning, but I really like Adobe and so its fun to see them stepping out and taking some big risks with new products and playing in the Web2.0 space a little more.

So read/write web stacked up these three blog posts in my reader this morning:
Adobe Share
Adobe Media Player
Adobe Acquires Virtual Ubiquity - Enters Web Office Fray

I guess Adobe is on my radar because of their Adobe Learning Summit being co-located with DevLearn this year. Seeing big product announcements makes me wonder what fabulous new tools, and/or upgrades, are being prepared for the learning industry.

Adobe Labs - And on a side note read/write web pointed to the Adobe Labs wiki. You can find a link to the media player in the list as well as many other Adobe technologies. Its great to see a good example of a useful corporate wiki.

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