Saturday, September 29, 2007

eLearnDevCast - Learning2.0 Special - - Graham Glass

I'm trying to get a steady flow of interviews with the web entrepreneurs creating learning sites. My first is with Graham Glass of

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I really enjoyed chatting with Graham. It's exciting to hear that being a teacher can be a million dollar career. Let me rephrase that...being a GREAT teacher can be a million dollar career. Our current system keeps the greatest teachers bottled up and available to only the few students currently in their "class". An effective entrepreneurial teacher can reach many, many more students from all over the globe and a free market system will adequately compensate the best ones in the same way that the best athletes are given million dollar contracts. It surely is going to be fun to watch the best teachers in the world competing, and finally making the money they deserve.
If you don't believe me just listen to what Graham has to say. Then leave me a comment if you are interested in having a go at being a freelance educator.

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