Monday, December 17, 2007

Tim's Blog ROCKS! One page Job Aids for wikis, social networking, and more

You've GOT to check out Tim's blog. He's been in my reader for a while, and I love his posts, but these little one page job aids are BRILLIANT!

One page guide Introducing wikis

The coolest thing is that he is allowing downloads in PDF or DOC which means you can edit the DOC if you need to or just print the pdf. Here's the only catch...
1. Credit Practical Participation including their URL (
2. Use the same creative commons on your work.
3. Let Practical Participation know about any adaptations or derivative works.

Mobile Technology in TAFE has a great post listing all of the details as well.

Oh, BTW - for anyone that doesn't understand how visual thinking can be used in learning, these are a great example.
I'm certain it did not take ANY ISD knowledge to create these. But I'm certain MANY people will be learning from these...go figure.

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