Monday, January 28, 2008

VizThink08 - Day 2 - Morning General Session

Dave Gray convinced us all that we can draw. I used to draw a lot. I like to draw. Its nice to have permission to do it again.

learning to draw with Dave Gray

Bob Horn Interview

bob horn interview

Visual Language: Thinking of it as an International Language and an auxiliary language.
When to using visuals vs. words: Visual language is still emerging. 2 chapters in his book are on answering this question.

Connecting Visual Thinking with eLearning Lesson 1:

Visual thinking is NOT just about drawing/sketching. So, stop it! Stop thinking that you must be a "creative" or an "artist". Or that Visual thinking is about becoming one. Its about communicating thoughts and ideas using images, NOT about being good at drawing. Understanding visual thinking is not just learning how to draw better graphics for your eLearning courses. Its not about the final image either. Its about the process you go through in creating that final image.

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