Tuesday, February 05, 2008

AG|08 Blog - Stay up to date on all the happenings!!!

The Guild Annual Gathering 2008 Conference and Expo is in Orlando, FL April 14-17.

Yea, it is! Really! I'm serious! So while I'm busy with everything else I'll be blogging at the AG|08 Blog as well.

I sometimes wonder how many people took me out of their RSS readers because they thought I was just going to be a mouth piece for the Guild? Seriously, it troubles me. I want to be as objective as I can be about the eLearning industry.

Do I favor the Guild? Yes! But I did before I was blessed with a job offer. So, if you are tired of hearing anything about the Guild on this blog because you think I'm jaded...


I was going to say, don't worry because I'll put all guild stuff on THAT blog and all other stuff on this blog. But ya know what? This is my blog! So I'll continue to blog whatever I want to.

But seriously! Most of the details about the AG|08 conference will be there so put it in your feed reader. I may cross-post here. I may not.


Anonymous said...

Brent: What exactly will you be doing for the guild? Perhaps you have blogged about this in an earlier post?


Anonymous said...

Brent, I wouldn't sweat it. How many companies encourage or even allow their employees to openly blog?

You're fortunate to work for a group that supports your participation in the community.