Tuesday, May 06, 2008

DevLearn08 Call for Proposals

I hope you all received your invitation to submit a proposal for Guild Online Forums and DevLearn08. If not, here is the text from The eLearning Guild's email:

Dear eLearning Guild member:

I would like to invite you to submit a session proposal for one of the upcoming Guild 2008 events listed below.

As you know, we often learn the most by seeing and hearing what others have accomplished. And, part of the Guild philosophy is that we all can improve the art of e-Learning by sharing with each other our best practices, case studies, tips, tricks and techniques.

One of the ways you can share is to present at a Guild online event. Not only do others benefit from hearing your story, but you gain professional exposure and receive a free registration to the event. It is win-win-win for all!

...and there is more, but if you are interested then I will direct you to the web site HERE.

From me: I would highly encourage all my readers to submit proposals. Sessions are limited and the number of submissions grows every year, but the Guild is always interested in fresh new case studies, success stories, new uses of technologies, and so much more. You may think your work is not all that special but you would be surprised how many of your colleagues would REALLY love to hear from you. Go for it!!!
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