Wednesday, July 09, 2008

SCORM2.0 - Speak Now or Forever hold...

How many of you know that SCORM is being updated? How many of you know that the SCORM standard is being moved from ADL to LETSI? You've all got busy day jobs and just trying to get the latest project out the door is enough. BUT, if you work with SCORM in ANY way, you should be dialed into the changes, and you probably are. Maybe I'm the last one to the table on this topic.

So in case you need to be caught up we are currently at SCORM 2004 Third Edition. And the next version that is being worked on is SCORM2.0.
White Papers are due by August 15, 2008
White Papers, comments, suggestions, and requests for information should be submitted by email to
All submissions will be posted on this site for public comment, download, and on-line discussion. Submissions will be edited or summarized for distribution at an October workshop. Therefore, papers should be submitted under an appropriate Creative Commons license, or otherwise indicate that there are no IP constraints on their use.
Time is running out. So if you want to get your ideas heard about what SCORM2.0 should look like, then you need to submit them before the deadline.

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