Thursday, September 04, 2008

@KathySierra Learns Spanish via TWITTER

Originally uploaded by Brent Schlenker

And so can you. Follow @cadadia

If you are still trying to understand what TWITTER is all about and why we should care about in training/education, then here it is.

I'm randomly following my twitter stream, minding my own business, and all of sudden I see the string of tweets by @KathySierra that you now see posted in the image. It took all of about 20mins for Kathy to have a customized daily Spanish lesson delivered via TWITTER. (actually only 6mins according to Kathy) Actually delivered for ALL of us via twitter. Just "Follow" @cadadia and you will been connected to a stream of daily Spanish words.

Okay, so I can actually SEE all of you pedagogy pundits out there rolling your eyes at me. But you've GOT to admit this is pretty DAMN cool! And as Kathy might say: This is just another little thing that helps me kick ass! And so I'm all for it.

This was a wonderfully positive experience for me with TWITTER considering the morons we all endured 140 characters at a time during the conventions.

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