Friday, October 03, 2008

QR Codes and Learning - DevLearn08 - Nov.11-14

I'm sure you all received the email from the Guild today about QR codes at DevLearn08. This Guild page lists the best readers(decoders) and how to use them on your phone.  Its a great resource even if you aren't attending the conference.  This is a cool technology you should check out.  Share your thoughts on how this might be used for learning in the comments.

Before you ask in the comments - This video was shot with a Flip Mino, imported into Garageband for improved/added audio, and exported to

Some of my TWITTER peeps are headed to DevLearn08 and twittering about the QR Codes.


Don't be the last one to know about 'em. They are also called matrix codes, or 2D codes, in case you may have been confused.

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