Friday, November 07, 2008

How to Prepare for DevLearn08 - Learning in a Web2.0 World

Besides packing fresh pants and a comfy pair of shoes, you'll want to have your digital life packed and ready to go as well. So, get started TODAY! Be sure you are technology-enabled before landing in San Jose, CA next week.

www.devlearn2008com - Check out everything and familiarize yourself with the program.  DevLearnLIVE is a great place to find social networking for the event.

1) TWITTER - Go to and sign up for an account. Go to and look for the Follow button under the avatar icon. Click it! You are now "following" the DevLearn08 twitter feed.  You can have these messages sent your phone as text msgs, or you can view them in a web browser, desktop app, or mobile app.

2) QR Codes - Enable your cell phone to decode QR codes.  Resources can be found HERE.  You will be given a personal QR code when you register so that other participants can simply "scan" your code and get your contact information.

3) Bring your laptop - I don't understand why more people don't bring laptops, so I'm encouraging you to do so.  Internet access is FREE in the Fairmont event area (codes are in the program guide).  If you sign up for the Presidents club at the Fairmont (Free) you will get free Internet access in your room.  This is a technology conference and you should be taking time to experiment with the new tools you discover.

4) Bring your cell phone - (see #1 and #2) - Mobile Learning is gaining in popularity and you should start understanding how to leverage all the processing power sitting in your pocket.

Anyone else care to offer up some suggestions?
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