Monday, February 02, 2009

David Pogue Twitter Experiment - NYTimes

David Pogue was the keynote at the TK09 conference in Vegas last week.  In case you did not know, @pogue is the tech writer for the NYTimes

During his keynote David posted a question on twitter asking for a cure for hiccups.  He received many responses very quickly.  My personal favorite was from the folks that replied, "Booooooo, (twitter scare)".

I was not feeling particularly clever so I simply responded with "hello from the back of the room".  I just wanted to participate. 

So, I saw his blog post last week after the event but I did not read it closely enough.  This morning, via twitter, I'm told that @bschlenker was in the NYTimes.  How cool is that!? Never thought I'd be quoted...or is it twoted... in the NYTimes.

In my session I mentioned that many people now use twitter as one of their sources of news.  I heard many scoffs, and saw many eyes rolling.  But I'm subscribed to all of my local news channels twitter feeds, and a couple national twitter feeds.  Its amazing how cool it is to get news updates in near real time.

Remember, it's not about the technology - it's about the people, the content, and context.  It may be twitter today, and tomorrow something else.  Forget about the names and focus on the functionality.

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