Wednesday, September 23, 2009

DevLearn09 LIVE! - Intro Video via Camtasia for Mac

So my Camtasia (Mac) trial ends today and I wanted to create something quickly to get a feel for the tool. Here's what I ended up with.

Overall, Camtasia for Mac was a good experience. I'm used to adding graphics and other effects in different ways because of my "curse of knowledge". Clicking and dragging objects on the canvas was not working for me...and that was frustrating. But then I realized that I could move stuff around with dials in the properties window. I'm sure with very little effort and time I would be cranking out much more complex and fancy video tutorials.

You can learn a lot more about video, Camtasia, and other tutorial authoring tools at DevLearn 2009 Conference and Expo in San Jose, CA in November. Register before friday and get $100 off.
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