Friday, February 25, 2011

Tom Kuhlmann: Video interview from DevLearn 2010

Tom Kuhlmann is a self-made superstar in the eLearning development world. I've love his blog since he first started it but have never really had a chance to learn more from him. This interview explains why exactly why, and how he was able to move into the eLearning industry.

I came into instructional design and elearning via academia and Masters degree from Arizona State University. But my 15+ years in this industry have introduced me to many of the BEST eLearning developers in the world. And its amazing to me how many of them have little or no official, academic training in Instructional systems design. Ironically, what makes them so incredibly good at what they do is exactly the fact that they DO NOT have the baggage of academia holding them back.

Blasphemy!!! I can hear the cries now. And I certainly don't mean to start up the old debate around the importance of a degree...argh...I just don't want to go there. What I want to tell you is that Tom found what he wanted to be and worked hard at making opportunities for himself. He didn't wait around for anyone to give him permission. He saw what he wanted to be and he made opportunities to start learning and practicing his new craft. If it's not clear to you yet, then let me restate it. I once heard an elite triathlete answer the question about how to become an elite long distance runner this way, "If you want to be a runner, you must run"! It truly is as simple as that. There is no simple pill, or magic degree that's going to get you a job or make you good at ANYTHING! If you want it. If you want to become something new. You MUST simply start doing it! At first you will suck. But if you want to be great you must first get past the years of being sucky. Nobody is GREAT the first time out. So, get off your back side and start!!! Now!!!

If you are now asking the question, HOW!!! Let me direct you to Tom's blog.

After you have consumed his openly shared wisdom then I'd recommend a trip to Las Vegas this November for DevLearn 2011 - Its going to be more awesome then usual this year!

Career Development: Interview with Tom Kuhlmann

“I do tell people today, go out, find out what [businesses] are looking for, and go get the experiences,
build a portfolio, and be able to show and demonstrate that you’re able to do things, rather than just
write about them.”

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