Friday, June 03, 2011

Corporate eLearning Strat & Dev is now +1

This blog is now gamified!  Yea, that's right.  We've got the Google +1 button loaded and ready for action. Its going to be awesome!  Why?  Well...because... um ...because... its awesome! And because being Gamified is where its at! Its shiny and fun ... and gamified... and all that.


What the heck is this +1 thing?  I'm guessing its sort of like the ... um... LIKE button in Facebook, right?  But seriously, I'm not even sure why I "like" stuff other than sometimes its easier to click that than to think of something clever to actually SAY... or WRITE!

But hey, whatever it is, we're all +1 and playin' wit the cool kids now!
[UPDATE 6/3: My +1 button does not seem to be displaying now.  Looking into it]
[UPDATE 6/4: It seems to be working now.]

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