Monday, August 01, 2011

The EDGE - Adobe's HTML5 Authoring Tool - eLearning possibilities?

Not to be mistaken with U2's The Edge, Adobe's Edge may answer Bono's dilemma that he still hasn't found what he's looking for. If he was an eLearning developer instead of a rockstar icon this could very well be what he's been looking for...what we've all been waiting for.

Or not...

It's about 1:30am AZ time and I can't sleep so I pick up the iPad, open ZITE, and the first article is this one from READWRITEWEB. Wow! I totally did not see that coming. Maybe because I sort of stopped paying attention. But seriously, this is a big deal.

According to the article it's even going to have the ability to create simple games. For me that translates into "interactions". And for eLearning that's a BIG deal.

An even BIGGER deal for me is that it's available for the Mac, and is currently a FREE download.

The big question i need answered is will the output end up being a LOT of bloated HTML5 coding and scripting? I've heard concerns about this with tools like HYPE for the Mac. I'll wait a few days and learn more from the developers I know running tests.

Of course if you want to talk, and learn more about Adobe's Edge, there is no better place than DevLearn this November. I'm hoping to see some working prototypes displayed at DemoFest. It's going to be an exciting year for developers!

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