Friday, September 30, 2011

FREE: Corporate eLearning Audio Script Review

Sarah Kesher, from the Grammy award winning audio production facility Sound80, is looking for audio scripts.  She is giving a session at DevLearn 2011 titled Scriptwriting for Engaging eLearning.  She'd like to review a few of your scripts and use them as examples during her session.  This is a GREAT opportunity for you to learn from an expert in audio scriptwriting.

From Sarah:

"This is an opportunity to get some new ideas on scripts you are actually working on.
If you're planning on attending Scriptwriting for Engaging eLearning and would like to have a portion of a script you're working on reviewed and used as a before and after example in the session, please send your scripts* by October 14 to"
Also, be sure to change any business names or confidential information to something generic.

I'd also like to just comment that THIS is one of the many cool things about being part of The eLearning Guild community.  Sure it's fun to go to DevLearn and listen to great speakers, but in order to get the MOST out of your experience you must ENGAGE.  We ask this of our own learners, so why not do it ourselves?

Engage with Sarah and learn how to improve your scriptwriting.  Hearing feedback from experts is priceless and often not available.  So, I would encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and let someone else take a look at your work.  It doesn't hurt.  I promise.

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