Friday, September 02, 2011

Learn eLearning Audio Production from an Expert

mp3Are you an eLearning developer struggling with audio? Okay maybe you're not struggling. You're getting stuff done, but you wish your audio was better. Like most things technical, once you know the little tricks and gain a better understanding of the technology it becomes an easy leap from amateur audio to "wow, that's sounds great" audio.
I know many of you just farm out the dirty work of audio scripting, producing, recording, publishing. But I ALSO know many of you are a Learning Department of One. You are the lone developer with little to no budget. If the eLearning is going get any better in your company its totally and completely up to you. So, lets make that happen.
Audio is a big part of developing eLearning. I'd even go so far as too say that MOST learners expect some level of audio in the multimedia mix. And if you are doing anything with video you will most likely will be dealing with audio as well...unless you've designed the script as a Charlie Chaplin, silent movie, experience.
The bottom line is that every developer should have a basic understanding of digital audio technology. And while understanding is good, getting your hands into the tools and making audio files is even better.
Chris Hansen
DevLearn pre-conference workshops are a great way to ramp up new skills. This year we are very happy to have Chris Hansen leading Audio File Production and Management for Learning as part of the eLearning Guild Academy.
Besides producing audio tracks for musicians and voice over talent in his studio, he is also the Instructional Design Manager for Guitar Center. Chris is truly a rare find in our little world of eLearning colleagues. Of course I know many instructional designers, and outside of eLearning I know a few talented media producers. But Chris is the first audio specialist I've met that not has both skill sets but also takes on the role of managing the development process for the largest music retailer in the country.
DevLearn is at The ARIA hotel in Las Vegas this year. Its the newest hotel in Vegas with the most high tech conference facility. I would highly encourage anyone interested in stepping up their development skills to register for this workshop and spend the day with Chris learning about the finer points of audio production.
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