Thursday, December 15, 2011

eLearning Job Listings, Indeed!

Every now and then I chat with ISD professionals that are looking for work. I enjoy the conversations a lot, and those conversations remind me how blessed I am to be working with The eLearning Guild. Since I am not in the market for a job I often feel quite helpless in these conversations. So, I took some time recently to scout the job scene and I
Indeed is simple. There is a "what:" field and a "where:" field. I entered "eLearning" as the what, and Phoenix, AZ as the where and I was quite surprised by the results. I didn't think there were that many companies in the Phoenix area that even knew they needed instructional designers, or training specialists, or eLearning designers & developers.
And while the list of job openings is impressive I also noticed the sidebar with filtering capabilities. You can sort by Salary Estimate, Title, Company, Location, Job Type, and Employer/Recruiter.
So, the interface is super easy to navigate and it makes sense. But I wanted to know more about the detailed results. I clicked on one of jobs and it took me to Hhhmmm. Interesting. I hadn't thought of a contracting site as being a part of a job aggregation, but DUH, it makes sense…why not?
If you are in search of a job or just curious about the market in your area, I would highly recommend running a quick search. Tell me what you think!

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Kevin Mulvihill said...

Hi Brent, I'm a consultant (met you at DevLearn too at the Rosenbaum book signing) and even though I'm quite swamped with work at the moment, I always run periodic searches just to see what's out there. I just wanted to say that you are correct that Indeed, in particular, does seem to return quite good results. I check about 10 sites, but Indeed probably gives me 90% of the results, so it's really good for quick searches or when otherwise pressed for time.