Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Can Corporate Training & Development be Gamified?

I don't think we can really answer that question until we truly understand what Gamification is.  And luckily, we now have a book to help us do just that.  Dr. Karl Kapp has just launched another blog book tour for his latest book Gamification of Learning and Instruction.

The Book Tour starts HERE.
The Facebook page is HERE.
Buy the book HERE.

Follow the blog book tour.  Read the Book.  And join the gamification conversation.

There will be plenty of gamification conversations to be had at this year's DevLearn event for sure.  Start your planning today!

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Office London Bridge said...

Gamification is currently being applied to many corporate strategies with everything from work load through to task and project systems. with the aims and goals being translated into game theory with skills and launched into an achievement style platform that anything is possible by relating the chores to something everyone enjoys.