Thursday, January 02, 2014

The EdTech Bowl - UCF defeats Baylor

Since I live in ARIZONA, and the Fiesta Bowl is a pretty big deal, I thought it might be fun to start a little Bowl game of my own. Here's how it will go.

I'll review each school playing in the big game and decide which school has the best EdTech Program. Okay, okay, don't get all bent out of shape. This is OBVIOUSLY not a scientific study and I will no doubt make someone mad. But then again, this is what social media is for, right? Your voice is no less important than mine. If you don't like how my game works then tell me about. Tell me where I went wrong.

SO! Let's get this rumble on. This year's matchup is Baylor vs. University of Central Florida. As I write this the game is on... And it's good!


Curriculum and Instruction

Instructional Technology is only one of several areas of focus within each Masters program, Educational Doctorate, and Ph.D, within the department of Curriculum and Instruction. The web site doesn't go into much detail.

I did a search on LinkedIn for Baylor University and found very few 1st connections within my network. I seem to know mostly Lawyers and IT Professionals from Baylor.

So, with little to go on, and knowing a little more about UCF, I have no choice but to put Baylor on the losing end of this fight.

University of Central Florida

Instructional Design and Technology

When I view the UCF site I see plenty of degree options and programs focused on 21st century learning technologies like Modeling and Simulations. The difference between EdTech for academia and corporate eLearning are clearly defined. The Institute for Simulation and Training has always impressed me.

My linkedIn network is filled with many 1st connection graduates of the UCF programs. That search really did remind me how strong this University is when it comes to cutting edge learning technologies. Their program is as strong as their football team looked tonight.

So, in this, the first EdTech Bowl, UCF WINS!

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