Monday, September 12, 2005

Scarcity to Abundance...from Elliot Masie

Great short read on how our learners today are accessing and being subjected to learning.
My additional comments: I think there are many companies out there that read something like this and they say to themselves "right on, let's go create a system that does all of this." I say...WHY? The tools for supporting the "new learner" are already out there. After all, how do you think they become this way? And don't think for a minute that buying that million dollar LMS is going to save your bacon. New Learners did NOT become the way they are because they spent their days in high school and college finding information in the latest LMS.
Our largest roadblocks implementing new technologies in the corporate realm are: 1) going up against old school subject matter experts that insist on instructing a day long BORING class, 2) EXTREMELY outdated document management systems that have overstayed their welcome, 3) Those administators/gatekeepers that maintain the system/bureaucracy for the sake of the bureaucracy. 4) data security, 5) data certification.
Good luck!

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