Saturday, September 10, 2005

ISD, Elearning Developer = Creative Professional

If you create any type of corporate training collateral you ARE a creative professional. Graphic Designers, Motion Graphic designers, video producers, traditional artists, etc. all deal with customers regarding creative, design focused projects. We have a lot to learn from those that specialize in the areas in which we dabble and never truly master.

I would encourage you to listen to the Media Artist Secrets podcast for some excellent commentary, tips and tricks, on being a creative professional. You should also be familiar with as a source of inspiration and education. They have fabulous tutorials for all creative apps.

Creative Cow
Media Artist Secrets

Improve your skills and talents at all costs. Presenting your learning content through outstanding graphic design visuals will put your work over the top. Always remember: you may be making a simple page-turner to meet your clients immediate need, but that doesn't mean it should suck. If you must make a page-turner, make it ROCK!

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