Sunday, October 30, 2005

Rapid eLearning Tools vs ISDers

Just because we all have the tools to create "Rapid eLearning" doesn't mean we can make GOOD rapid elearning. As Seth Godin writes about Tools vs. Craftsmen , I can't help but think of his post in terms of the current state of the Learning industry. The tools are all better, faster, and cheaper than they have ever been. But are we DESIGNING better training experiences?

One of the most frenzied topics at Learning2005 is Rapid Learning Development. Do learners actually want the same old training just created faster, with cheaper tools? Perhaps they wouldn't mind waiting the same amount of time as they did in the past if they knew the experience was going to be better. Or better yet, maybe they want something completely different and they want to be a part of the creation process.

If I blog what I learned today while working and coworkers recieve my RSS feed then they are the immediate beneficiaries of my learning. This is just a part of the discussions that have started at Learning2005 and the conference has only just begun.

The intro session MC'd by Elliott was fun, philanthropic, and educational. 15k to the Tiger Woods foundation, and 15k to eLearning for Kids is a great thing. Avery Lerner was great comic relief, as was the little boy cuttin' a rug and upstaging Elliott during the presentation. We heard it straight from the mouths of our youth what they want from education, and technology. The Masie Center's 18 year old intern was also informing the crowd of his technical needs.

CLO's and Learning Professionals would do well to listen to what the children have to say. If you are a learning professional wondering if your job is in is...IF you continue creating poorly designed, boring, 4 hour long page-turner courses. Your next generation of employees will find (and have found) better, faster, cheaper, tools for communicating, collaborating, and learning. They have the tools and will quickly become the craftsmen as well unless we as a community of professionals raise the bar on our standards of excellance.

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