Monday, October 31, 2005

L5 Day 1 AM sessions - wikis, blogs, and CNN

Standing room only for Blogs and Wikis. There is MUCH buzz around this topic. The crowd ranged from experienced to "deer in the headlights". I think by the end of the conference everyone will be spun up.

I think, overall, the underlying theme is about eLearning that puts the user in control....COMPLETE control. That means they collaborate, contribute to the content, shape content, create media content, discover, do and LEARN.

If we can accept recieving our news footage from citizens armed with camera phones, digital cameras, and cheap video cams, why haven't we (the learning community) accepted that fact that content doesn't need to be perfect to be effective. The catch is that its okay for media to be of a lesser quality as long as that content is relavant and timely.

Wikis and Blogs may be very yesterday to some experienced bloggers, however as a learning community we are just beginning to see the many benefits of wiki-like, and blog-like applications in our learning environments. They may not be called blogs and wikis in the near future, and they may change a lot, but the basic concept of users in control is changing the face many industries including Learning.

My only hope is that the big application vendors don't screw this one up. OpenSource please.

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