Tuesday, November 01, 2005

L5 Day 2 almost over...

Malcolm Gladwell was great! I bought The Tipping Point and look forward to reading it on the flight home.

I delivered a session(discussion) on Color and Learning. I had no idea so many people had an interest in Color and Learning. It was a pleasant surprise, but unexpected. My Photography and Learning session had the same amount of enthusiastic interest. It was a pleasure sharing my passion for design and it's impact on eLearning development. Those of you that attended, please post your thoughts and input to the Learningwiki.

As a big proponent of gaming technology in eLearning I was very impressed to see the efforts of ProtonMedia utilizing interactive 3D in their eLearning tool and taking a learning and ISD approach to developing a collaborative environment. I look forward to talking with the technical guys more.

Elliott had mentioned faith, religion, and learning several times and I am very happy to see the discussion starting in, not only the learning community, but with colleagues. I am happy to see influencial leaders coming forward and expressing their faith openly and unashamed. I know it made people feel uncomfortable, but I for one applaud the bold, couragious step forward Elliott has taken in helping to bring it to encourage the conversations. Cheers, Elliott!

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