Monday, October 31, 2005

L5 Day 1 in the can

Day one is over and I find myself reflecting on a few discussions.

We (the learning community) have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on "localization" costs...yet wikipedia can translate into 10 languages in seconds...hmmmmm.

Television news departments can produce the 5, 6, and 10pm news all THAT day. That's 2 hours worth of video produced DAILY...even more if your station produces a morning show. Why does it take us (training folk) 6-16 WEEKS to put together a 2-5min piece that normally STINKS! Not because the video quality is bad but because the content is NOT timely and normally not in context.

Case studies should be posted BEFORE conferences giving the attendees the ability for formulate questions prior to the session. Everyone coming to the session should already have read the case study and they're there to have questions answered...and that's all I have to say about that.

I LOVE the discussion format! There are very few speakers that can hold a crowd's attention with pure whit, storytelling, delivery, and unique content. We all have stories to tell and informal gatherings facilitating the discussions between colleagues are PRICELESS.

I will NEVER be able to attend another conference again in the old format. If I do, my criteria for session selection will be based on who the presenter is and NOT the Title, topic, or overview. I will also most likely informally interview that presenter prior to the conference by sending a quick email to see what I can get from them before the session.

I can say the format is a complete success, even after day ONE! Thanks, Elliott!

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