Monday, November 28, 2005

Online Courses as ONRAMP into COPs

There are 2 realities that I am currenlty dealing with in Corporate eLearning:  1) We will continue to create “click-next” courses for the near future.  2) learning 2.0 is coming and we’re not quite sure what it looks like yet.


I must share this story with the Corporate eLearning Community.  I never met this coworker until Learning2005 and in early discussions about the conference I found out he did not know anything about what a wiki was.  Once he heard about the concept/technology he was an immediate sceptic.  However, after 3 days at L5 he came back to work and immediately asked if I could set up a wiki for one of his projects.  We decided that his online course would be a great ONRAMP into the community of practice via the WIKI.  The course was released today and we will see just how well this little experiment works.


My point…the standard online course will not completely go away, and they can be used to bridge the gap, and ease people into the future of collaborative learning and what the new web has to offer. 

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