Friday, January 27, 2006

Millenials: engage me or enrage me!

The Millenials (born between 1980-2000) are getting closer and closer my world...Corporate America. Mark Prensky's Engage Me or Enrage Me (EDUCAUSE REVIEW | September/October 2005, Volume 40, Number ) is a beautiful look at the generation coming into the workforce, fresh, and wild-eyed, ready to make a difference.
3 types of students in this group: 1) "I can't wait to get to class", 2) "Learned how to 'play school.'" 3) "Engage me or enrage me"

I want to find that t-shirt that says..."It's not ADD -- I'm just not listening!" My Art Institute students fall into #1 and #3 mostly. But mostly #3. I think many entering the corporate arena will be made up mostly of the #2s.
Its a good read. You can also find a podcast of Marc's presentation if you search for ASU in iTunes.

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