Friday, February 24, 2006

Connective Learning and Learning2.0

Will Richardson points us to the Siemens presentation that I blogged a few days ago. But it is definitely worth mentioning again as one of Will's comments defines my passion for Learning2.0...
"We really do need to stop treating learning as if it were an event, like it stops at the end of class. And we do this because we are focused on the content, not the process."
Learning doesn't actually happen in the classroom. Okay maybe a little. I'll be generous and say 10%. Learning2.0 is all about the technology that supports AFTER-CLASS learning.

I heard a great quote from an Entrepreneur Basics audiobook that said "Learning is spaced repetition". I love this because you can't squeeze "Spaced repetition" into a nice, neat little 2 hour training session. To really understand something you must be exposed to it over a long period of time and in the right context for it to have meaning.

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