Monday, February 27, 2006

Learning2.0, Identity2.0 and

The Learning2.0 blog comments on Karrer’s blog regarding Learning2.0 and the continued debate.  But what actually caught my eye and attention the most was his simple “use case”:

What if I entered into Google "change oil on my 1997 suburban" and it aggregated nanolearning objects for you entitled:

·    "Disposing of your old oil" from your city's waste department

·    "Working on cars safely" from the auto shop on the corner

·    "Oil change procedures for the 1997 suburban" from Chevrolet

·    A Website with recall notices for American cars

I was just recently introduced to a fabulous presentation on Identity2.0 and I think Id2.0 comes into play in this use case.  Because in order to personalize for items like “city’s waste department” the system will need to “know who you are”.  I also just read about the HR community working on HR-XML.  Sounds like an RSS style wrapper for HR data to me…but I will need to look into it further.


I appreciate this post as a practical way of continuing the Learning2.0 and Reusable Learning Object discussion.  Another thought is what if the actual file (or feed) that is the result of the search can become a learning object in and of itself as sort of a dynamic container for the Google-returned elements.  Hmmm J

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DIsplay Name said...

Dick Hardt definitely does a great Lessig-style presentation on Sxip. It remains to be seen whether their approach will prevail in the marketplace.

Lets hope that SOME identity approach spreads like myspace because the key to Identity 2.0 is not so much which technology wins, but getting network effects for one technology. In otherwords, in my humble opinion, who wins matters less. A unified approach matters more.