Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Pinko Learning - More learning brilliance from the world of marketing

Pinko Marketing is a cool wiki I discovered from the Horsepigcow blog of Miss Rogue (aka Tara Hunt) which I discovered via the MESH conference web site, which in turn was discovered via the Inside the Net podcast with Amber McArthur.

I've blogged about the similarities between the Marketing Profession and the Learning profession before(Viral Learning), but Pinko Marketing helps me see a little more clearly how Learning2.0/Informal Learning is so similar to the new marketing ideas being put forth by Tara based upon what is happening in the Web2.0 world.

We (ISDers) are no longer in control.  I know that does not sit well with many consultants out there, but its the reality I live in every day.  Not that I ever thought we actaully HAD any sort of control...no way.  But the layers of content expert, ISDer, developer, PM, stakeholders, and users are slaughtered in the new model.
A quote from the Pinko Marketing wiki front page...
"...because there is no "consumer" anymore. We are in the age of peer to
peer power over all other forms of messaging. Producer to producer.
There are no passive parties in this new world. No longer is word of
mouth merely a powerful tool, it is quickly becoming the only trusted
source of information. The internet, mobile and other advanced forms of
communication are allowing communities to form and gain power more
quickly than ever.
It is time that we not only listen to the community voice, but we pave the way and reward those voices for existing."
This pretty much says it all.  But I'd like to repeat on piece...
It doesn't matter if you are in Marketing, Learning, Mass Media production, or just about anything...the rules are changing and the customer/peer/producer/learner holds all the controls.  We must listen and adapt, quickly, or be rendered obsolete.

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