Thursday, June 15, 2006

Don't learn without me

Here's an interesting exchange that occured to a colleague of mine. I'm sure this is happening in companies across the globe.

Learning1.0: Here are the class materials to distribute.

Learning2.0: oh, I think you can get a copy of those materials on the website [fill in any web tool]

Learning1.0: no we don't have them on the website for a reason.

Learning2.0: why not?

Learning1.0: then people will not want to take the class if they can look at the materials.

My colleagues comment:
"That pretty much sums up the 1.0 attitude to me. We don't want any learning occurring unless it is by our way and our tracking. We don't want to share materials because it might mean that people will get knowledge on their own. It is as if knowledge is confidential and you have to go to a class to get a pass. It kills me."
My comment: We have so many sacred cows to slaughter.

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Tony Karrer said...

Yep, I've heard that too!