Friday, June 09, 2006

More BW on Web2.0 and Blowing up the ADDIE model

BusinessWeek is taking Web2.0 for a ride.  I continue to say it, "this change is coming whether we like it or not".  Do any of us REALLY know what "IT" is?  I think not.  The change is happening rapidly and just as soon as I think I've discovered a great new combination of Web2.0 tools as a learning solution, another one pops up that takes me in a completely new direction.  I love it! 
This is what I felt like on the first day of my masters program where I was introduced to Asymetrix Toolbook.  Up until that point I had spent little time on a computer.  But after that day I was consuming software manuals trying to learn how to work with this new tool that was clearly within the realm of my abilities.

I'm also happy to see attempts at blowing up outdated ISD models like ADDIE.  The latest being the 4A's whitepaper.  He addresses Gagne's 9 events of instruction perfectly...
"When used in the classroom there is no better model in existence today. However many e-learning authors today have interpreted no fewer than 3 of these nine events by relying almost exclusively on questions and answers, often confusing or closed."
Yea, duh! Let's all say thanks to the "Rapid eLearning Course Development" pushers.
Here's more...
"With e-learning relying so heavily on questions and answers, we have created a culture of training by testing. And with ‘forced’ results of 100% how do we measure the true results?"
The tool that got it all started for me more than 10 years ago is now the tool that helps me define the pathetic state of elearning courses...CLICK2DEATH.  Its time to blow up the old models and the old tools boys!  The Revolution of the New Learning Professional has begun!

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