Thursday, June 08, 2006

Flickrs pedogogical uses

Okay, so I totally missed this but since I’m short on posts today and I’m anxious to look into this a little more I’ll link it up.


You’ve got to just read this post.  Then, of course, Google it. 


I obviously don’t use Flickr as much as I should. I’ve tried to send images to my Flickr account via Treo650 which would then post to my blog, but for some reason the image is always stripped by the time it gets to the blogger account. That’s item number 34532 on the things to take a look at list J


However, while this does get me excited for my kids in school and how they can approach their next report, I’m not sure how we apply this to corporate learning.  I’m continually frustrated with the “walled garden”, “behind the firewall”, requirements of a corporation.  It seems like every time there is a great new web app, someone needs to come along and create one that is “for corporate use behind the firewall”.  Take SecondLife v. Activeworlds, and the bundle of RSS aggragators that focus on one market or the other. 


But so far, no Flickr behind the firewall.

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