Friday, June 30, 2006

NYTimes reviews learning...oops, I meant game.

The NYTimes has a review of Heroes of Might and Magic V. This is my favorite part...
"What keeps you playing [learning] is the wealth of crucial decisions you must make. Which castle most needs to be fortified when your resources are limited? Which battles are worth the losses you will suffer? Should you hire more heroes to lead a number of small armies so you can explore the terrain quickly, or simply create one vast, unstoppable army? Spread yourself too thin and you may find yourself shorthanded when an enemy attacks, watching in horror as your soldiers are slaughtered."
I love it because I just finished creating a click2death course on Decision Making...gag! Click next, click next, click next, MC test, congratulations you are now a great decision maker...double gag!

I have no doubt that the next generation growing up on these games will be more than equipped to make decisions, recover from failure, and refuse to take our little training courses.

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