Monday, July 10, 2006

Arizona schools get $5.5mil for eLearning

This blog is for Corporate eLearning Development, but I'm a native Phoenician and father of 3 so all things elearning, corporate or education, interest me.
In the publication there is an article about the eSATS program.  Its not on the website yet but its worth talking about.  I'm new to this initiative so hate to be too critical, however I'm nervous that government works so slowly that Arizona schools will end up with a million dollar Web1.0 system in a Web2.0 world.
Its nice to see the eSATS web site is done in Moodle so at least opensource isn't completely lost.  But in the few documents I've been able to read over the weekend there is no mention of social networks.  No mention of the power of connectivism.  I am blown away that a big portion of the funds will go to supporting 1000 Jr. High students for Math.  So I'm guessing every content provider/creator is clammering to get the contract to create a curriculum for this "pilot".   
I can save you, the AZ tax payers, millions of dollars...

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The world doesn't need another pilot on Jr. High mathmatics.  Here is a brilliant use of a wiki for teaching math: This was posted by Will Richardson who is more connected to elearning in education than I am.  I read his blog regularly and it sounds like the NECC conference was buzzing with Web2.0 and government agencies "getting it".  Not sure if anyone from AZ showed up.
I'll continue to get a little more educated on the legislation.  I don't want to be too hard on anybody spending their time pushing elearning because anything is better than nothing.  And actually this has sparked a small fire in me to get more involved.  So let's see where this goes.  Maybe the blogosphere can be influencial.

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